Consultation - Analytical Challenges l VR Analytical

VR Analytical has a multidisciplinary team that can solve your analytical challenges.

Our scientists have skill sets in important areas, including:

  • Chemical Engineering (process optimization)
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Large Molecule Analysis with QTof
  • NMR Interpretation
  • Isolation of Active Ingredients
  • Isolation of Trace Contaminants or Impurities
  • Performing Extractables Tests on Cassette Systems


Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) (Cross Flow)

VR Analytical has experience with operating and optimizing TFF cassettes. We have pilot systems that are compatible with most TFF cassettes and have worked with all the major cassette vendors. Typical projects include:

  • Identifying and testing replacements for obsolete cassettes
  • Performing extractables tests on cassette systems
  • Consulting on cassette choice based on knowledge of membrane properties (e.g., pore size distribution)

Mass Spectral Interpretation

Our chemists have decades of experience with mass spectral interpretation. We use multiple databases, including a proprietary internal database, to search for mass spectral matches from known compounds. We can also provide stuctural analysis of compounds for which there are no database matches.

Processing Material Selection

When designing your bio/pharmaceutical plant, how do you make the choices between materials that seem to perform the same function? When would you choose silicone tubing instead of thermoplastic tubing? How aggressive of a formulation can a polyethersulfone filter really tolerate? What if Tween 80 is a component in the formulation? Let VR Analytical's chermists and engineers guide you to the right materials.