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Working at VR Analytical


VR Analytical is a growing company with great opportunities. It is uniquely positioned in the extractables and leachables testing industry to meet the demands of its clients’ needs for flexible and custom-designed studies and in-depth analysis and reporting. As a result, it requires a special type of employee that not only meets our high standards for science and business management, but who will also feel challenged and excited by our working environment.

Current Openings:

1. Senior Scientist

2. QA Associate


More About VR


Our business is:

  • Committed to understanding and meeting customers’ unique needs for testing and analysis
  • Using best practices in project management, laboratory systems, and financial management
  • Known for exceptional and innovative science, embracing continuous improvement, and for pursuing operational excellence
  • Financially stable and investing in growth
  • Willing to invest in professional development to create opportunities for its staff
  • Actively growing and changing to be well positioned to thrive in existing and emerging markets
  • Successful because of its collective knowledge and experience, and its scientific ability to respond to customers needs in a dynamic marketplace

You may do well at VR Analytical if you are:

  • Professional, respectful and collaborative
  • Dedicated to customer service
  • Dedicated to scientific integrity
  • Committed to doing things right the first time
  • Engaged in understanding and achieving common goals
  • Motivated to contribute
  • Appreciate being recognized as a valuable stakeholder, and
  • Feel empowered to:
    • Pursue quality at every opportunity
    • Bring a solution along with the problem
    • Take initiative for continuous improvement
    • Question and engage in healthy scientific debate
    • Make decisions based on scientific integrity and what best achieves VR Analytical’s strategic goals


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