About Us

Our History

In 2001, our founder Raymond Colton, identified the opportunity to provide extractables and leachables testing to the biopharma industry. With the goal of ensuring patient safety through science-based E&L testing, VR Analytical was born.

The field of E&L testing has advanced rapidly since then, in no small part due to VR Analytical’s contributions to the establishment of E&L best practices, and to novel research conducted in our labs.

VR Analytical makes continual investments in our facilities and in the field at large, and will always endeavor to provide our customers and peers with services and research based on the best scientific and quality principles.

Our Values

Scientific Integrity – Trust and accountability are integral to our role as leaders in the scientific community.

Mastery – We nurture our skills in a results-oriented environment of trust, empowerment and involvement.

Service – We respect others and hold a sense of responsibility as we seek opportunities to add exceptional value in all of our interactions.

Dedication – We work hard together because our individual success is directly linked to patient safety and the success of our company.