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The majority of detected extractables are not found in commercial databases because they are degradation products of the polymers and the polymer additives. Identification of unknowns is scientifically challenging and adds to the cost and timeline of an E&L study. By choosing VR Analytical, you have access to our extensive extractables database accumulated during our 19+ years in business from testing more than 1,000 articles used to manufacture and package pharmaceuticals.

Filters, bags, tubing, connectors, gaskets, final containers and closures, raw materials – you name it, we’ve tested it.

Additionally, we have meticulously catalogued the data from this testing into our proprietary database, which includes thousands of extractable compounds, many of which are unique degradation products which would be hard to identify without prior experience.

Our database accelerates your study’s completion, saving you time and money, and giving you confidence in your E&L report’s ability to best describe the safety profile of your drug or component.