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Organic Analysis

Our team of analytical scientists is capable of developing methods to detect trace organic contaminants in a variety of sample matrices, as well as assay for potency and purity of active ingredients or excipients. With our array of analytical instruments we can detect volatile and semi-volatile compounds using gas chromatography with liquid and headspace sampling, and detection with mass spectrometry (EI and CI) and flame ionization detection.

For non-volatile analyses with a broad range of molecular weights, we have liquid chromatographs with diode-array detectors, and single-quadrupole mass spectrometers. When high resolution accurate mass analyses are needed, we can utilize our quadrupole-time of flight mass spectrometer system.

We can apply internationally recognized standardized methods, transfer methods developed by your scientists, or apply an existing method to meet your specific needs. We can also develop appropriate methods, qualitative and/or quantitative, to address your analytical questions. Methods are qualified to demonstrate suitability for their intended use. If method validation in a specific matrix is required, we can validate utilizing ICH Q2(R1) or other applicable standard or regulation.

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